Introducing the Journal of Illusion

  • Akiyoshi Kitaoka Editor-in-Chief
  • Takahiro Kawabe Co-Editor
  • Yuki Yamada Co-Editor


In general, research in perceptual psychology recognizes illusion as a tool for elucidating the underlying perceptual mechanisms. For this reason, the status of illusory phenomena that are not clearly contributing to the elucidation of perceptual mechanisms is often underestimated. On the other hand, we feel that the phenomenal aspect of illusion itself may have the power to boost research in perceptual psychology. Even without specifying the mechanism right now, illusions are fascinating, surprising, and inspiring to those who see them. Based on this idea, we planned to launch the Journal of Illusion (JOI). The idea originated in our discussion on Twitter. It took a year for that idea to come to fruition. The Editorial Board members of the journal agreed with our outlandish idea. It remains to be seen how well the idea of focusing on the phenomenal aspects of illusion will be accepted, but we hope that this journal will contribute to the establishment of the science of illusion itself.


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Kitaoka A., Kawabe T., & Yamada Y. (2020). Introducing the Journal of Illusion. Journal of Illusion, 1.